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China's One Belt One Road Initiative

Wei Lim Tai, Chan Hing Lee Henry, Tseng Katherine Hui-Yi, Lim Wen Xin

Imperial College Press

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  • Introduction
    Wei Lim Tai pp.3-18
  • Introduction of the Overland Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road
    Tan Ta Sen pp.21-30
  • The Official Capital Ship of Yuan Dynasty and Yang Shu: Chinese Navigation in the Indian Ocean Before Zheng He
    Tai Yew Seng pp.31-38
  • Cheng Ho's Legacy: Business Opportunities and World Dream
    Tan Ta Sen pp.39-48
  • Cheng Ho and His Voyages
    Tan Ta Sen pp.49-56
  • Cheng Ho Spirit and World Dream
    Tan Ta Sen pp.57-60
  • Narratives Related to Zheng He: Explaining the Emergence of Ethnic Chinese Communities Overseas and the Rise of a Regional Trading Network
    Lim Tai Wei pp.63-112
  • China's One Belt One Road Initiative: A Literature Review
    Lim Wen Xin pp.113-132
  • The South China Sea and the Maritime Silk Road Proposal: Conflicts can be Transformed
  • The One Belt One Road Narratives
    Wei Lim Tai pp.151-168
  • The One Belt One Road Initiative — Who's Going to Pay For It?
    Chan Hing Lee Henry pp.169-196
  • Prospect of Chinese Rail Export Under "One Belt, One Road"
    Chan Hing Lee Henry pp.197-236
  • Rethinking the Outputs of Chinese High-Speed Railways
    Zhang Huang, Li Jie pp.237-242
  • One Belt One Road, China and Europe: Economic Strategy and Pragmatic Economies
    Hung Winglok pp.245-268
  • China's Pivot to Central and South Asia
    Lim Tai Wei pp.269-282
  • Strategic Partnership: The China–Pakistan Relations
    Lim Tai Wei pp.283-288
  • China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Malaysian Perspectives
    Kong Tuan Yuen pp.289-306
  • Japan and Its Outreach to Central Asia and Southeast Asia: An Update
    Lim Tai Wei pp.307-312
  • Conclusion
    Lim Tai Wei pp.315-336

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