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Russia and Asia–Pacific Security

Chufrin Gennady


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  • Russia and Asia: challenges and opportunities for national and international security
  • Asia–Pacific in US–Russian relations
  • New trends in Russian–Japanese relations at the start of the 21st century
    Shimotomai Nobuo pp.15-18
  • Quadruple relations in Asia–Pacific and Japan
  • Russia and great-power security in Asia
  • Russian–US relations and Asia–Pacific security issues
    Nosov Mikhail G. pp.37-46
  • Russia in the Asia–Pacific area
  • Russo-Japanese relations and the security of North-East Asia in the 21st century
  • Russia's policy towards Japan
    Saito Motohide pp.66-75
  • The future of US–Japanese defence cooperation and its implications for regional security
    Morimoto Satoshi pp.76-82
  • The evolving security environment in Asia: its impact on Russia
  • Russian policy and interests on the Korean Peninsula
  • Russia and a new balance of power in East Asia: implications for stability on the Korean Peninsula
    Rhee Sang-Woo pp.100-105
  • Economic relations between Russia and the Asia–Pacific countries
    Sato Tsuneaki pp.106-113
  • Prospects for Russia's 'energy diplomacy' in North-East Asia
    Ivanov Vladimir I. pp.114-122
  • Russian–Chinese relations and arms exports
    Mii MItsuo pp.123-127
  • Sino-Russian relations after the break-up of the Soviet Union
    Qimao Chen pp.128-136
  • Russia and China: what is in the pipeline?
    Tsyganov Yuri V. pp.137-146
  • Russia and ASEAN: emerging partnership
    Sumsky Victor pp.147-156
  • The Asia–Pacific region in Russia's foreign policy
    Chufrin Gennady pp.157-164

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