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Transparency in Nuclear Warheads and Materials: The Political and Technical Dimensions

Zarimpas Nicholas


Publication year

Place of publication
New York

  • Introduction
  • Reflections on transparency and international security
    Walker William pp.15-31
  • Nuclear weapon states and the transparency dilemma
    Grand Camille pp.32-49
  • Appendix 3A. China and nuclear transparency
    Bin Li pp.50-57
  • Transparency and security in Russian–US nuclear relations
  • US nuclear security cooperation with Russia and transparency
    Hafemeister David pp.80-111
  • Nuclear transparency from the perspective of non-nuclear weapon states
    Arbman Gunnar pp.112-128
  • Stockpile declarations
    Fetter Steve pp.129-150
  • Technologies and procedures for verifying warhead status and dismantlement
    Garwin Richard L. pp.151-164
  • Appendix 8A. Russian and US technology development in
    Bukharin Oleg pp.165-180
  • The changing Russian and US nuclear weapon complexes: challenges for transparency
    Bukharin Oleg pp.181-205
  • Monitoring and verifying the storage and disposition of fissile materials and the closure of nuclear facilities
    Schaper Annette pp.206-228
  • Potential roles for the IAEA in a warhead dismantlement and fissile materials transparency regime
    Shea Thomas E. pp.229-252
  • Conclusions
    Zarimpas Nicholas pp.253-262

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