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Arms industry limited

Wulf Herbert


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New York

  • Arms industry limited: the turning-point in the 1990s
    Wulf Herbert pp.3-28
  • The United States: trends in defence procurement and research and development programmes
  • The United States: unmanaged change in the defence industry
    Reppy Judith pp.50-65
  • The United States: arms exports and implications for arms production
    Anthony Ian pp.66-86
  • The Soviet Union and the successor republics: defence industries coming to terms with disunion
    Cooper Julian pp.87-108
  • The Soviet Union: arms control and conversion—plan and reality
    Izyumov Alexei pp.109-120
  • The Soviet Union and the successor republics: arms exports and the struggle with the heritage of the military–industrial complex
    Wulf Herbert pp.121-136
  • Western Europe: facing over-capacities
    Wulf Herbert pp.143-159
  • Western Europe: internationalization of the arms industry
    Sköns Elisabeth pp.160-189
  • The European Community: from the EC to the European Union
  • Poland: declining industry in a period of difficult economic transformation
  • Czechoslovakia: reductions in arms production in a time of economic and political transformation
  • Turkey: the arms industry modernization programme
  • The People's Republic of China: arms production, industrial strategy and problems of history
    Frankenstein John pp.271-319
  • Japan: a latent but large supplier of dual-use technology
  • Australia: an emerging arms supplier?
    Cheeseman Graeme pp.345-361
  • The 'third tier' countries: production of major weapons
    Anthony Ian pp.362-386

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