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China And Denmark: Relations Since 1674

Brodsgaard Kjeld Erik, Kirkeback Mads

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

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  • Introduction
  • When Denmark Discovered China
    Kirkeback Mads pp.7-20
  • The Voyage of the Dronningen af Danmark [the Queen of Denmark] to China in 1742: An Example of the Early Danish China Trade
    Kirkeback Mads pp.21-47
  • Denmark's China Policy 1845-64: The Diplomats Enter the Scene
    Kirkeback Mads pp.48-73
  • The Establishment of a Danish Legation in China 1912
    Kirkeback Mads pp.73-91
  • Trade in Command: Denmark's China Policy 1912-49
    Kirkeback Mads pp.92-118
  • Wires, Codes and People: The Great Northern Telegraph Company in China 1870-90
    Baark Erik pp.119-152
  • Danish Trade with China: From the Beginning of the Twentieth Century to the Establishment of China
    Dall Mads Henrik pp.153-191
  • Diplomatic and Political Relations between Denmark and the People's Republic of China 1949-97
  • Trade and Economic Relations between Denmark and China 1949-1997

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