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Chinese Nationalism

Unger Jonathan


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New York

  • Chinese Nationalism
    Townsend James pp.1-30
  • De-constructing the Chinese Nation
    Duara Prasenjit pp.31-55
  • The Nationaless States: The Search for a Nation in MOdern Chinese Nationalism
    Fitzgerald John pp.56-85
  • How China's Nationalism Was Shanghaied
    Pye Lucian W. pp.86-112
  • Openness and Nationalism: Outside the Chinese Revolution
    Wang Gungwu pp.113-122
  • From Nationalism to nationalizing: Cultural Imagination and State Formation in Postwar Taiwan
    Chun Allen pp.126-147
  • "Special Things in Special Ways": National Economic Identity and China's Special Zones
    Crane George T. pp.148-167
  • A democratic Chinese Nationalism?
    Friedman Edward pp.169-182
  • To Screw Foreigners Is Patriotic: China's Avant-Garde Nationalist
    Barmé Geremie R. pp.183-208

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