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State violence in east Asia

Ganesan N., Chull Kim Sung

The University press of Kentucky

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  • Introduction: Conceiving state violence, justice, and transition in East Asia
  • Interpreting state violence in Asian Settings
    Boudreau Vince pp.19-46
  • From the streets to the National assembly: democratic transition and demands for truth about Kwangju in the South Korea
    Lee Namhee pp.47-74
  • Unsettled state violence in Japan: the Okinawa incident
    Hirofumi Hayashi pp.75-104
  • Popular views of state violence in China: the Tiananmen incident
  • Mass atrocities in Cambodia under the Khmer rouge reign of terror
    Peou Sorpong pp.129-158
  • Counterrevolutionary violence in Indonesia
    Kammen Douglas pp.159-184
  • Getting away with murder in Thailand: state violence and impunity in Phatthalung
    Haberkorn Tyrell pp.185-208
  • The end of an illusion: the Mendiola massacre and political transition in post-Marcos Philippines
    Curaming Rommel A. pp.209-230
  • The four-eights democratic movement and political repression in Myanmar
    Kyaw Yin Hlaing pp.231-256
  • Conclusion: comparing state violence and reconciliation across east Asia

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