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Clash of national identities: China, Japan, and the East China sea territorial dispute

Arai Tatsushi, Goto Shihoko, Wang Zheng

Wilson Center

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  • Preface
  • Introduction
    Goto Shihoko pp.5-8
  • Perception gaps, identity clashes
    Wang Zheng pp.9-18
  • History: from dispute to dialogue
    Yang Daqing pp.19-28
  • Causes and prospects for Sino-Japanese tensions: a political analysis
    Wan Ming pp.29-36
  • Can japanase democracy cope with china's rice?
    Fujihira Shinju pp.37-45
  • No war in the east china sea
    Zhao Quansheng pp.46-55
  • From power politics to common security: the Asia pacific's roadmap to peace
    Kimijima Akihiko pp.56-67
  • Economics of the territorial disputes
    Wu Junhua pp.68-74
  • Putting the senkaku dispute into pandora's box: toward a "2013 consensus"
    Takahara Akio pp.75-85
  • Transforming the territorial dispute in the east china sea: a system approach
    Arai Tatsushi pp.86-96
  • The daioyu/senkaku dispute as an identity-based conflict: toward sino-japan reconciliation

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