Edited book

Chinese politics and international relations

Nicola Horsburgh, Nordin Astrid, Breslin Shaun


Publication year

Place of publication
Oxon, New York

  • Innovation through debate and differentiation: Chinese nuclear doctrine since the reform era
    Nicola Horsburgh pp.25-43
  • China and globalization: international socialization and Chinese development cooperation
    Warmerdam Ward pp.44-71
  • Narrating a discipline: the search for innovation in Chinese international relations
  • 'You need to do something that the Westerners cannot understand': the innovation of a Chinese school of IR
  • Confucius Institutes as innovative tools of China's cultural diplomacy
    Hartig Falk pp.121-144
  • Image in trasformation: Guangzhou reinventing itself for the Asian Games 2010
    Kinnari Annukka pp.145-171
  • Un-innovation censorship, innovative resistance: the Internet, forbidden words and the humorous homonyms of egao
    Nordin Astrid pp.175-198

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