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Beyond the Developmental State. Industrial Policy into the Twenty-First Century

Fine Ben, Saraswati Jyoti, Tavasci Daniela

Pluto Press

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  • Beyond the Developmental State: An Introduction
    Fine Ben pp.1-32
  • The Rise and Fall of the Developmental State? The Case of the Japanese and South Korean Steel Industries
    Sato Hajime pp.33-60
  • An Alternative Perspective on Industrial Policy: The Case of the South Korean Car Industry
    Lee Kwon-Hyung pp.61-84
  • Labour and the 'Developmental State': A Critique of the Developmental State Theory of Labour
    Chang Dae-oup pp.85-109
  • What of the Developmental State beyond Catching Up? The Case of the South Korean Microelectronics INdustry
    Al-Jazaeri Humam pp.110-145
  • Globalisation and the Decline of the Developmental State
    Pirie Iain pp.146-168
  • The IT Industry and Interventionist Policy in India
    Saraswati Jyoti pp.169-186
  • Lessons for Nigeria from Developmental States: The Roles of Agricultute in Structural Transformation
    Ikpe Eka pp.187-215
  • Finance and the Developmental State: The Case of Argentina
    Tavasci Daniela pp.216-244
  • Systems of Accumulation and the Evolving South African MEC

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