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Rome and China. Comparative perspectives on ancient world empires.

Scheidel Walter

Oxford University Press

Publication year

Place of publication
New York

  • From the "great convergence" to the "first great divergence": Roman and Qin-Han State formation and its aftermath
    Scheidel Walter pp.11-23
  • War, state formation, and the evolution of military institutions in ancient China and Rome
  • Law and punishment in the formation of Empire
    Turner Karen pp.52-82
  • Eunuchs, women, and imperial courts
  • Commanding and consuming the world: empire, tribute, and trade in Roman and Chinese history
    Fibiger Bang Peter pp.100-120
  • Gift circulation and charity in the Han and Roman empires
    Lewis Mark Edward pp.121-136
  • The monetary systems of the Han and Roman empires
    Scheidel Walter pp.137-208

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