Edited book

China in transformation

Tu Wei-Ming

Harvard University Press

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  • A failed Chinese modernity
    Friedman Edward pp.1-18
  • Cultural identity and the politics of difference in South China
    Siu Helen F. pp.19-44
  • Double-edged swords cut both ways: law and legitimacy in the People's Republic of China
    Alford William pp.45-70
  • To reform a revolution: under the righteous mandate
    Wang Gungwu pp.71-94
  • Cultural requisites for democracy in China: findings from a survey
  • The radicalization of China in the Twentieth Century
    Yu Ying-shih pp.125-150
  • Cultural and poltical inventions in modern China: the case of the Chinese "peasant"
    Cohen Myron pp.151-170
  • A search for China's soul
    Lin Tongqi pp.171-188
  • China's "core" problem
    Link Perry pp.189-206
  • Yan'an and the narrative reconstruction of reality
    Apter David pp.207-232

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