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Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power

Bell Daniel A., Sun Tze

Princeton University Press

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  • Introduction
    Bell Daniel A. pp.1-20
  • A Comparative Study of Pre-Qin Interstate Political Philosophy
    Yan Xuetong pp.21-69
  • Xunzy's Interstate Political Philosophy and Its Message for Today
    Yan Xuetong pp.70-106
  • Hegemony in the Stratagems of the Warring States
  • An Examination of the Research Theory of Pre-Qin Interstate Political Philosophy
    Yang Qianru pp.147-160
  • The Two Poles of Confucianism: A Comparison of the Interstate Political Philosophy of Mencius and Xunzi
    Xu Jin pp.161-180
  • Political Hegemony in Ancien China: A Review of "Hegemony in the Stratagems of the Warring States"
    Wang Rihua pp.181-198
  • Pre-Qin Philosophy and China's Rise Today
    Yan Xuetong pp.199-222
  • The Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods and the Pre-Qin Masters
    Xu Jin pp.223-228
  • Yan Xuetong: A Realist Scholar Clinging to Scientist Prediction
    Lu Xin pp.229-251
  • Why Is There No Chinese School of International Relations Theory?
    Yan Xuetong pp.252-261

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