Edited book

Norms, interests, and power in Japanese foreign policy

Sato Yoichiro, Hirata Keiko

Palgrave Macmillan

Publication year

Place of publication
New York

  • Introduction: contructivism, rationalism and the study of norms in Japanese foreign policy
  • Where do norms come from? Foundations of Japan's postwar pacifism
  • International norms and civil society: new influences on Japanese security policy
    Hirata Keiko pp.47-70
  • Norms, structures, and Japan's "Northern Territories" policy
    Hara Kimie pp.71-92
  • Three norms of collective defence and Japan's overseas troop dispatches
    Sato Yoichiro pp.93-110
  • Humanitarian and democratic norms in Japan's ODA distributions
  • Norms and Japan's foreign aid policy in the South Pacific
    Tarte Sandra pp.129-150
  • Japan's role in Latin America's Debt Management, 1982-1991
    Katada Saori pp.151-174
  • Japan's Whaling Politics
    Hirata Keiko pp.175-210
  • The Kyoto protocol from formulation to ratification: Japan's role in international climate negotiations
    Shibuya Eric pp.211-234
  • Conclusion
    Hirata Keiko pp.235-250

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