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Soft power superpowers. Cultural and national assets of Japan and the United States.

Yasushi Watanabe, McConnell David L.

An East Gate Book

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Place of publication
New York

  • Foreword
    Nye Joseph S. pp.IX-XIV
  • Anti-Americanism in Japan
  • Japan's image problem and the soft power solution: the JET program as cultural diplomacy
  • Higher education as a projection of America's soft power
  • Facing crises: soft power and Japanese education in a global context
  • Nurturing soft power: the impact of Japanese-U.S. university exchanges
  • The attractions of the J-Wave for American Youth
    Allison Anne pp.99-110
  • Shared memories: Japanese pop culture in China
    Yoshiko Nakano pp.111-127
  • Japan's creative industries: culture as a source of soft power in the industrial sector
    Tsutomu Sugiura pp.128-153
  • Baseball in U.S.-Japanese Relations: A vehicle of soft power in historical perspective
  • American pop culture as soft power: movies and broadcasting
    Fraser Matthew pp.172-190
  • Wielding soft power: the key stages of transmission and reception
    Seiichi Kondo pp.191-206
  • Official soft power in practice: U.S. public diplomacy in Japan
    Crowell William G. pp.207-223
  • Japan does soft power: strategy and effectiveness of its public diplomacy in the United States
    Naoyuki Agawa pp.224-244
  • Mr. Madison in the Twenty-first Century: global diffusion of the People's "Right to know"
    Repeta Lawrence pp.245-261
  • Soft power of NGOs: growing influence beyond national boundaries

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