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Transition from Socialist to Market Economies

Ichimura Shinichi, Sato Tsuneaki, James William

Palgrave Macmillan

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  • Convergence and Divergence in Transformation: Comparison of Experiences of CEECs and China
    Sato Tsuneaki pp.9-36
  • China's Transition to a Market Economy: How Far Across the River?
    Wu Jinglian pp.37-66
  • Two Reforms under Mono-Party Political System: The Hungarian NEM in the 1960s-70s and the Chinese Reform
    Szamuely Laszlo pp.67-78
  • SOE Reform and Privatization in Transition: China in Comparative Perspective
    Nakagane Katsuiji pp.79-100
  • Vietnamese Gradualism in the Reform of State-Owned Enterprises: The First Phase of Doi Moi
    Tho Tran Van pp.101-122
  • From Public to Private Savings: Decline of State Ownership in the Chinese Corporate Sector
    Zhang Chunling pp.123-144
  • The Social Safety Net in China
    Ito Shoichi pp.145-163
  • The State and the Transformation of Economic Systems
    Dallago Bruno pp.164-187
  • Can the Japan Inc. Model Be a Middle Course for Transition?: Industrial Policy and Postwar Economic Development of Japan
    Okita Yoichi pp.188-210
  • Market and Political Justice in Postsocialist Poland
    Morawski Witold pp.211-230
  • Facts and Lessons of Ten Years of Transformation in Central Europe
    Morita Tsuneo pp.231-253
  • Czech Republic 1990-2000: Lessons from the Economic and Political Transformation
    Turnovec Frantisek pp.254-270

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