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Civil-military relations in today's China: swimming in a new sea

Finkelstein David M. , Gunness Kristen


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New York

  • Social trends in China: implications for the People's Liberation Army
    Saich Tony pp.3-25
  • The impact of social changes on the PLA: a Chinese military perspective
    Li Xiaobing pp.26-47
  • The new military élite: generational profile and contradictory trends
    Li Cheng pp.48-74
  • The fourth-generation leaders and the new military élite
    Yu Bin pp.75-95
  • The PLA and the provinces: military district and local issues
    Bo Zhiyue pp.96-130
  • The political implications of PLA professionalism
    Miller Lyman pp.131-145
  • Unravelling the myths about political commissars
    You Ji pp.146-170
  • Searching for a twenty-first century officer corps
    Bickford Thomas J. pp.171-186
  • Educating the officer corps: the Chinese People's Liberation Army and its interactions with civilian academic institutions
    Gunness Kristen pp.187-201
  • China's defense budget: is there impeding friction between defense and civilian needs?
    Fewsmith Joseph pp.202-213
  • The PLA in the new economy: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
    Mulvenon James pp.214-234
  • The challenge of conscription in an era of social change
    Cheng Sijin pp.235-254
  • Demobilization and resettlement: the challenge of downsizing the People's Liberation Army
  • People's war in the twenty-first century: the militia and the reserves
    Blasko Dennis J. pp.270-304

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