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Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration

Özerdem Alpaslan, Podder Sukanya


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  • The Long Road Home: Conceptual Debates on Recruitment Experiences and Reintegration Outcomes
  • Why do Children Fight? Motivation and the Mode of Recruitment
    Gates Scott pp.29-50
  • Child Soldier Recruitment in the Liberian Civil Wars: Individual Motivations and Rebel Groups Tactics
    Podder Sukanya pp.50-76
  • Group Cohesion and Coercive Recruitment: Young Combatants and the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone
    Peters Krjn pp.76-91
  • Girl Soldiers in Guatemala
    Hauge Wenche pp.91-104
  • Resilience Amidst Risks of Recruitment: A Case Study of "At Risk" Children in Colombia
    Burgess Ryan pp.104-122
  • How Voluntary? The Role of Community in Youth Participation in Muslim Mindanao
  • Neither Child nor Soldier: Contested Terrains in Identity, Victimcy and Survival
    Podder Sukanya pp.141-159
  • "But I'm a Man": The Imposition of Childhood on and Denial of Identity and Economic Opportunity to Afghanistan's Child Soldiers
    Zyck Steven pp.159-173
  • Socialization and Reintegration Challenges: A Case Study of the Lord's Resistance Army
    Vermeij Lotte pp.173-191
  • Social Navigation and Power in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Reflections from a Former Child Soldier Turned Bike Rider
    Denov Myriam pp.191-213
  • Victimcy as Social Navigation: From the Toolbox of Liberian Child Soldiers
    Utas Mats pp.213-231
  • Mozambique Life Outcome Study: how Did child Soldiers Turned Out as Adults?
    Boothby Neil pp.231-246
  • Exclusion or Reintegration: Child Soldiers in Angola
    McMullin Jaremey pp.246-269
  • Child Soldiers Reintegration in Sudan: A Practioner's Field Experience
    Halton Patrick pp.269-284
  • Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Nepal: Grassroots Reflections
  • Mapping Child Soldiers Reintegration Outcomes: Exploring the Linkages

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