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Multidimensional Diplomacy of Contemporary China

Blanchard Jean-Marc F., Shen Simon

Lexington Books

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  • Introduction: Multidimensional Diplomacy as Global Phenomenon
    Shen Simon pp.3-20
  • The Innovation of the CCP's Foreign Policy Discourse and the Party's Perception of China's Role in World Affairs. 1949-2008
    Wang Chengzhi pp.21-46
  • Discrepancies, Political Discourses, and Implications of China's Multidimensional Diplomacy
    Li Hakyin pp.47-70
  • The Rise of China and the Discrepancy of Chinese Foreign Policy
  • China's Strategic Posture in the Asian-Pacific Region under the Leadership of Hu Jintao
    Moore Gregory J. pp.101-128
  • Settling the Gas Dispute in the East China Sea: Conditions of Political Will
    Manicom James pp.129-154
  • Sino-Pakistan Relations since 9/11
    Ali Ghulam pp.155-178
  • Living with Russia in the Post-9/11 World
    Yu Bin pp.179-206
  • China's Growing Involvement in the Gulf: The Geopolitical Significance
    Niblock Tim pp.207-232
  • China's Intensifying Relationship with Saudi Arabia
  • China's Rise in Africa
    Taylor Ian pp.253-266
  • China's Multidimensional Diplomacy toward the Pacific Islands
    Chung Chienpeng pp.267-282
  • Conclusion: A Critical Analysis of China's Multidimensional Diplomacy

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