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China Learns from the Soviet Union, 1949-Present

Bernstein Thomas P., Li Hua-Yu

Rowman & Littlefield

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  • Sino-Soviet Relations during the Mao Years, 1949-1969
    Lüthi Lorenz M. pp.27-59
  • The Main Causes for the Return of the Chinese Changchun Railway to China and Its Impact on Sino-Soviet Relations
    Zhang Shenfa pp.61-78
  • "Only a Handshake but no Embrace": Sino-Soviet Normalization in the 1980s
    Vamos Peter pp.79-104
  • Instilling Stalinism in Chinese Party Members: Absorbing Stalin's Short Course in the 1950s
    Li Huan-yu pp.107-130
  • The Soviet Model and the Breakdown of the Military Alliance
    You Ji pp.131 -149
  • The Transplantation and Entrenchement of the Soviet Economic Model in China
    Hanbing Kong pp.153-166
  • "Get Organized": The impact of the Soviet Model on the CCP's Rural Economic Strategy, 1949-1953
    Hou Xiaojia pp.167-196
  • The Soviet Model and China's State Farms
    Rohlf Gregory pp.197-228
  • "Labor is Glorious": Model Laborers in the PRC
    Yu Miin-ling pp.231-272
  • Soviet-Chinese Academic Interactions in the 1950s: Questioning the "Impact-Response" Approach
    Goikhman Izabella pp.275-302
  • "Three Blows of hte Shoulder Pole": Soviet Experts at Chinese People's University, 1950-1957
    Stiffler Douglas pp.303 -325
  • Lysenkoism and the Suppression of Genetics in the PRC, 1949-1956
    Schneider Laurence pp.327-358
  • Between Revolutions: Chinese Students in Soviet Institutes, 1948-1966
    McGuire Elizabeth pp.359 -389
  • Coming of Age in the Brave New World: The Changing Reception of the Soviet Novel, How the Steel Was Tempered, in the People's Republic of China
    He Donghui pp.393-420
  • Film and Gender in Sino-Soviet Cultural Exchange, 1949-1969
    Chen Tina Mai pp.421-445
  • China's Concurrent Debate about the Gorbachev Era
    Rozman Gilbert pp.449-476
  • The Fate of hte Soviet Model of Multinational State-Building in the People's Republic of China
    Zhour Minglang pp.477-503
  • The Influence of the Collapse of the Soviet Union on China's Political Choices
    Guihai Guan pp.505-515
  • Concluding Assessment: The Soviet Impact on Chinese Society
    Rozman Gilbert pp.517-525

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