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China's changing political landscape: prospects for democracy

Li Cheng

Brookings Institution Press

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  • Introduction: assesing China's political development
    Li Cheng pp.01-21
  • China's political trajectory: what are the Chinese saying?
    Nathan Andrew J. pp.25-43
  • Ideological change and incremental democracy in reform-era China
    Yu Keping pp.44-58
  • Institutionalization and the changing dynamics of Chinese leadership politics
    Miller Alice L. pp.61-79
  • Institutionalization of political succession in China: progress and implications
    Huang Jing pp.80-97
  • Will China's "lost generation" find a path to democracy?
    Li Cheng pp.98-117
  • Business interest groups in Chinese politics: the case of the oil companies
    Downs Erica S. pp.121-141
  • China's left tilt: pendulum swing or midcourse correction?
    Naughton Barry pp.142-158
  • Political implications of China's information revolution: the media, the minders, and their message
    Baum Richard pp.161-184
  • Legalization without democratization in China under Hu Jintao
    deLisle Jacques pp.185-211
  • Staying in power: what does the Chinese Communist Party have to do?
    Fewsmith Joseph pp.212-226
  • Fighting corruption: a difficult challenge for Chinese leaders
    Pei Minxin pp.229-250
  • The political implications of China's social future: complacency, scorn, and the forlorn
    Solinger Dorothy J. pp.251-266
  • Straining against the Yoke? Civil-military relations in China after the Seventeenth Party Congress
    Mulvenon James pp.267-279
  • Learning from abroad to reinvent itself: external influences on internal CCP reforms
    Shambaugh David pp.283-301
  • Taiwan and China's democratic future: can the tail wag the dog?
    Chu Yun-Han pp.302-322

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