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Concepts and categories of emotion in East Asia

Tamburello Giusi


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  • Introduction
    Tamburello Giusi pp.17-24
  • Preface
    Santangelo Paolo pp.25-37
  • Phosphenes and inner light experiences in medieval Chinese psychophysical techniques: an exploration
    Pfister Rudolf pp.38-70
  • Mind-heart and emotions in the Analects
    Lo Yuet Keung pp.71-86
  • Music as a semiotic mediator: a philosophical approach to Xunzi's theory of music
    Sabattini Elisa pp.87-104
  • Genji's gardens: from symbolism to personal expression and emotion. Gardens and garden design in the tale of Genji
    Miller Mara pp.105-141
  • Rage and indignation at the end of the Yuan and the beginning of Ming
    Ma Li pp.142-163
  • Fragments of Qing: the Qingshi leilue and the literary categorization of "love" in the 17th century China
    Bisetto Barbara pp.164-175
  • The rhetoric of emotion in 17th century China and Japan
    Bentley Tamara H. pp.176-212
  • View of emotions in Jin Ping Mei: perceptions of the "moods" and their expression
    Tanaka Tomoyuki pp.213-229
  • A review of Zhu Yizun's Jingzhiju shihua
    Zhou Jianyu pp.230-243
  • Emotions and politics: "rexue ribao" and the May 30th movement
    Caira Mara pp.244-251
  • Freedom and restraint in the world of tea
    Bullen Richard pp.252-265
  • Intellectual intersections between the state and the public: a question of emotional capital?
    Marinelli Maurizio pp.266-286
  • Concepts of humorous emotions in Javanese shadow theatre
    Graf Arndt pp.287-302
  • Re-creating emotions in Chinese poetry of the 1960s and 1970s
    Tamburello Giusi pp.303-320

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