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Myanmar's long road to national reconciliation

Wilson Trevor

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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  • Overview
    Wilson Trevor pp.xix-xxxiv
  • "One day, one Fathom, Bagan won't move": on the Myanmar road to a Constitution
  • Burma's Military: purges and coups prevent progress towards democracy
    Jagan Larry pp.29-37
  • Ethnic participation and national reconciliation in Myanmar: challenges in a transitional landscape
    Smith Martin pp.38-74
  • Burma's economy 2004: crisis masking stagnation
    Turnell Sean pp.77-97
  • The status of the agricultural sector in Myanmar in 2004
    Than Kyaw pp.98-104
  • Sustainable agricultural and rural development: pathways to improving social, economic and environmental condictions in Myanmar
    Win Myo, Batten Graeme pp.105-126
  • The agricultural sector and the role of internaitonal assistance in promoting agricultural reform in Myanmar
    Copland John pp.127-146
  • Civil society and legitimacy: the basis for national reconciliation in Burma/Myanmar
    Steinberg David I. pp.149-176
  • Making a responsible corporate contribution to modern diplomacy in Myanmar
    Jones Richard pp.177-187
  • Creating an environment for participation: international NGOs and the growth of civil society in Burma/Myanmar
    Dorning Karl pp.188-217
  • More than saving lives: the role of international development agencies in supporting change processes in Burma/Myanmar
    Tegenfeldt David pp.218-230
  • Exit, voice and loyalty in Burma: the role of overseas Burmese in democratising their homeland
    Oo Zaw pp.231-259
  • Foreign aid: a Myanmar perspective
    Myint U pp.263-275
  • A comprehensive international approach to political and economic development in Burma/Myanmar
    Pedersen Morten B. pp.276-290

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