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Ruling Myanmar: from cyclone Nargis to natinal elections

Cheesman Nick, Skidmore Monique, Wilson Trevor

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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  • Perspectives on a transitional situation
  • 2010 and the unfinished task of nation-building
    Win Khin Zaw pp.19-31
  • Burma's political transition: implications for U.S. policy
    Clapp Priscilla pp.32-51
  • Sovereignty in the Shan state: a case study for the United Wa state army
    Ferguson Jane pp.52-62
  • Governance and legitimacy in Karen state
    South Ashley pp.63-89
  • The incongruous of habeas corpus to Myanmar
    Cheesman Nick pp.90-111
  • Myanmar's response to the 2008 global financial crisis
    Nyo Khin Maung pp.115-125
  • Recapitalizing Burma's rural credit system
    Turnell Sean pp.126-146
  • Farmers, land and military rule in Burma
  • The movement of rural labour: a case study based on Rakhine state
    Okamoto Ikuko pp.168-193
  • Cyclone Nargis and ASEAN: a window for more meaningful development cooperation in Myanmar
    Sabandar William pp.197-207
  • The relief and reconstruction programme following cyclone Nargis: a review of SPDC policy
    Vicary Alison pp.208-235
  • Positive engagement in Myanmar: some current examples and thoughts for the future
    Allan David pp.236-266
  • Normative Europe meets the Burmese garrison state: processes, policies, blockages and future possibilities
  • The use of normative processes in achieving behaviour change by the regime in Myanmar
    Wilson Trevor pp.294-317

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