Edited book

Global political economy: contemporary theories

Palan Ronen


Publication year

Place of publication
London and New York

  • New trends in global political economy
    Palan Ronen pp.1-14
  • Late twenthieth-century globalization: the evolution and differentiation of states and forms of public authority
    Moore Mick pp.17-28
  • The firm, the corporation and contemporay capitalism
    Phillips Richard pp.29-45
  • Labour shapes the global political economy
    O'Brien Robert pp.46-57
  • Money and finance in a globalized economy
  • Globalization: a project in crisis
    McMichael Philip pp.75-87
  • Game theory: international trade, conflict and co-operation
  • New directions for international political economy: drawing from behavioural economics
    Elms Deborah Kay pp.104-116
  • New internationalism and international relations
    Spruyt Hendrik pp.117-128
  • An evolutionary approach to global political economy
    Schwartz Herman pp.129-139
  • Globalization and theories of regulation
    Dunford Michael pp.140-161
  • Transnational historical materialism: 'neo-Gramscian' theories of class formation and word order
    Overbeek Henk pp.162-176
  • Trends in development theory
  • Constructivism in international political economy
    Broome André pp.193-204
  • Libidinal political economy: a psycho-social analysis of financial violence
  • From environmental to ecological political economy
  • The rise of China and the future of international political economy
    Beeson Mark pp.232-243
  • Globalizing globalization: a worldist intervention
    Ling L. H. M. pp.244-254

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