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Tangled titans: the United States and China

Shambaugh David

Rowman & Littlefield

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  • Tangled titans: conceptualizing the U.S.-China relationship
    Shambaugh David pp.3-26
  • The evolution of U.S.-China relations
  • The rise of China, the United States, and teh future of the liberal international order
  • U.S.-China relations in a realist world
    Tellis Ashley J. pp.75-100
  • Domestic American influences on U.S.-China relations
    Sutter Robert G. pp.103-124
  • Domestic Chinese influences on U.S.-China relations
    Hao Yufan pp.125-148
  • The diplomatic relationship: substance and process
    Glaser Bonnie pp.151-180
  • The commercial and economic relationship
  • The cultural relationship
    Lautz Terry pp.211-234
  • The military-security relationship
  • U.S.-China interactions in Asia
    Goldstein Avery pp.263-292
  • Taiwan in U.S.-China relations
    Rigger Shelley pp.293-311
  • U.S.-China interactions in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America
  • U.S.-China interactions in global governance and international organizations
    Foot Rosemary pp.347-368
  • Chinese visions of the future of U.S.-China relations
    Wu Xinbo pp.371-388
  • American visions of the future of U.S.-China relations: competing, coopreation, and conflict
    Harding Harry pp.389-409

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