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China's reforms at 30: challenges and prospects

Yang Dali L. , Zhao Litao

World Scientific Publishing

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  • Introduction
    Yang Dali L., Zhao Litao pp.vii-xiii
  • How to sustain China's growth miracle?
    Prasad Eswar S. pp.1-18
  • China's mounting external imbalances: trade, foreign investment and regional production sharing
  • China's protest wave: political threat or growing pains?
    Walder Andrew G. pp.41-54
  • The 17th party Congress and the CCP's changing elite politics
    You Ji pp.55-92
  • Diminishing demographic dividends: implications for China's growth sustainability
    Lu Ding pp.93-116
  • Toward universal coverage: China's new healthcare insurance reforms
    Gu Edward pp.117-136
  • A new perspective in guiding ethnic relations in the 21st century: "de-politicization" of ethnicity in China
    Ma Rong pp.137-166
  • Is there an Asian value? Popular understanding of democracy in Asia
    Shi Tianjian pp.167-194

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