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Indonesia rising: the repositioning of the Asia's third giant

Reid Anthony

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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  • Indonesia's new prominence in the world
    Reid Anthony pp.1-13
  • Indonesia in the new world balance
    Garnaut Ross pp.14-27
  • Indonesia's role in the world economy: sitting on the fence
    Basri M. Chatib pp.28-48
  • Is Indonesia rising? It depends
  • Domestic politics and international posture: constraints and possibilities
    Sukma Rizal pp.77-92
  • Can Indonesia lead on climate change?
    Jotzo Frank pp.93-116
  • Indonesian Muslims and their place in the larger world of Islam
  • Indonesia's quiet springtime: knowledge, policy and reform
    Guggenheim Scott pp.141-169
  • Problems of identity and legitimacy for Indonesia's place in the world
    Elson R. E. pp.170-186

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