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Irregular Armed Forces and Their Role in Politics and State Formation

Davis Diane E., Pereira Anthony W.

Cambridge University Press

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  • Contempory Challenges and Historical Reflections on the Study of Militaries, States and Politics
    Davis Diane E. pp.3-36
  • Armed Force, Regimes and Contention in Europe Since 1650
    Tilly Charles pp.37-81
  • Limited War and Limited States
  • Where Do All the Soldiers Go? Veterans and the Politics of Demobilization
    Campbell Alec pp.96-117
  • Military Mobilization and the Transformation of Property Relationship: Wars That Define the Japanese Style of Capitalism
    Ikegami Eiko pp.118-148
  • Send a Thief to Catch a Thief: State-Building and the Employment of Irregular Military Formations in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Greece
    Batalas Achilles pp.149-177
  • Reform and Reaction: Paramilitary Groups in Contemporary Colombia
    Romero Mauricio pp.178-208
  • Policing the People, Building the State: The Police-Military Nexus in Argentina, 1880-1945
    Kalmanowiecki Laura pp.209-231
  • War-Making and U.S. State Formation: Mobilization, Demobilization and the Inherent Ambiguities of Federalism
    Browne Susan M. pp.232-252
  • Politics Is Thicker Than Blood: Union and Confederate Veterans in the U.S. House of Representatives in the Late Nineteenth Century
    Bensel Richard F. pp.253-280
  • The Police Municipale and the Formation of the French State
    Zack Lizabeth pp.281-302
  • Domestic Militarization in a Transnational Perspective: Patriotic and Militaristic Youth Mobilization in France and Indochina, 1940-1945
    Raffin Anne pp.303-321
  • The Changing Nature of Warfare and the Absence of State-Building in West Africa
    Reno William pp.322-345
  • The Ghost of Vietnam: America Confronts the New World Disorder
    Roxborough Ian pp.346-386
  • Armed Forces, Coercive Monopolies and Changing Patterns of State Formation and Violence
    Pereira Anthony W. pp.387-408

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