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The New Protectorates: International Tutelage and the Making of Liberal States

Mayall James, Soares de Oliveira Ricardo

Hurst & Company

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  • Introduction
  • Protectorates New and Old: A Conceptual Critique
    Bain William pp.31-48
  • Africa and Trusteeship in the Modern Global Order
  • Paternal Autorithy, Civilized State: China's Evolving Attitude towards International Trusteeships
    Suzuki Shogo pp.83-104
  • India and the Challenge of the New Protectorates
    Ray Aswini K. pp.105-120
  • The European "Pull" in the Balkans
    Economides Spyros pp.121-142
  • US Foreign Policy and the New Protectorates in Historical Perspective
    Halper Stefan pp.142-162
  • Peace Operation and Modern Protectorates: The Logic of Successful Failure
    Seibel Wolfgang pp.163-182
  • The Normative Underpinnings of the Un Peacebuilding
  • Policing the Neo-Imperial Frontier: CIVPOL Missions in the New Protectorates
    Boyle Michael pp.197-220
  • The Political Economy of Protectorates and "Post-Conflict" Intervention
    Berdal Mats, Keen David pp.221-240
  • Civil-Military Relation in the New Protectorate
  • Struggling for Government Leadership: the Relationship between Afghan and International Actors in post- 2011 Afghanistan
    Lockhart Clare pp.259-280
  • The New Protectorates: Statebuilding And Legitimacy
    Zaum Dominik pp.281-342

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