Edited book

Interpreting Indonesian politics: thirteen contributions to the debate

Anderson Benedict R. O'G., Kahin Audrey


Publication year

Place of publication
Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur

  • Introduction
    Lev Daniel S. pp.9-14
  • The birth of the idea of Bali (1976)
    Boon James A. pp.15-32
  • Democracy in Indonesia (1964)
    Benda Harry J. pp.33-44
  • History, theory, and Indonesian politics: a reply to Harry J. Benda (1965)
    Feith Herbert pp.45-56
  • History and social structure in the study of contemporary Indonesia (1969)
    Levine David pp.57-72
  • The study of Indonesian politics: a survey and an apologia (1969)
    Feith Herbert pp.73-92
  • Class, social cleavage and Indonesian communism (1969)
    Mortimer Rex pp.93-114
  • Perspective and method in America research on Indonesia (1973)
  • The beamtenstaat in Indonesia (1977)
    McVey Ruth T. pp.137-148
  • Ideology and social structure in Indonesia (1978)
    Kahn Joel S. pp.149-166
  • Indonesia's new order as a bureaucratic polity, a neopatrimonail regime or a bureaucratic authoritarian regime: what difference does it make? (1979)
    King Dwight Y. pp.167-186
  • Indonesia since 1945: problems of interpretation (1979)
    Mackie Jamie pp.187-208
  • Culture, politics, and economy in the political history of the new order (1981)
    Robison Richard pp.209-234
  • Orders of meaning: understanding political change in a fishing community in Indonesia (1975)
    Emmerson Donald K. pp.235-259

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