Edited book

China's international relations in the 21st century: dynamics of paradigm shifts

Hu Weixing, Chan Gerald, Zha Daojiong

University Press of America

Publication year

Place of publication
Lanham, New York, Oxford

  • Understanding China's behavior in world politics: an introduction
  • International relations theory in China
  • Escaping the periphery: China's national identity in world politics
    Deng Yong pp.41-70
  • Multilateralism in Chinese foreign policy: the limits of socialization?
    Wang Hongying pp.71-92
  • Nationalism, globalism, and China's international relations
    Zheng Yongnian pp.93-116
  • Chinese understanding of international political economy
    Zha Daojiong pp.117-142
  • Cultural norms and the conduct of Chinese foreing policy
    Wang Qingxin pp.143-170
  • Chinese approaches to international law
    Zou Keyuan pp.171-194

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