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Grass-roots democracy in Indai and China: the right to participate

Mohanty Manoranjan, Ma Rong, Mathew George, Baum Richard

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New Delhi, Thousand Oaks, London

  • Introduction: local governance, local democracy and the right to participate
  • Local government system in India and China: learning from each other
    Mathew George pp.33-52
  • Dependency versus autonomy: the identity crisis of India's panchayats
  • Rural political participation in the Maoist and post-mao periods
    Zhou Xiaohong pp.73-92
  • Selecting within the rules: institutional innovation in China's governance
  • "Civil society" revisited: the anatomy of a rural NGO in Qinghai
    Zhang Xin pp.123-140
  • Changes in local administration and their impact on community life in the grasslands of inner Mongolia
    Ma Rong pp.141-160
  • Village panchayats in Maharashtra
    Vora Rajendra pp.161-180
  • Kerala's people's plan campaign 1996-2001: a critical assessment
    Thomas Isaac T. M. pp.181-208
  • Panchayati raj system in Karnataka: trends and issues
    Bhargava B. S., Subha K. pp.209-226
  • Imperfect substitutes: the local political economy of informal finance and microfinance in rural China and India
    Tsai Kellee S. pp.229-260
  • Stratification and institutional exclusion in China and India: administrative means versus social barriers
    Wang Fei-Ling pp.261-292
  • Women and local power in India and China: revisiting the ghosts of Manu and Confucious
    Mohanty Bidyut pp.293-318
  • Gender, work and power in an Andhra village
    Vanamala M. pp.319-338
  • Democracy, good governance and economic development in rural China
  • Grass-roots democracy: the working of panchayati raj institutions in Andhra Pradesh
  • The environment, the family and local government among the Tajik people
    Yang Shengmin pp.379-390
  • The evolution and function of the Kaxie system of the Lahu people in south-west China
    He Shaoying pp.391-406
  • Social change and the development of democracy in local governance in Tibet
    Lhundrup Tanzen pp.407-430
  • The party, the village committee and the monastery: functions and interactions of the three institutions at the grass roots
    Yu Changjiang pp.431-456
  • Reconceptualising local democracy: reflections on democracy, power and resistance in the Indian and Chinese countryside

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