Edited book

Re-examining the cold war: U.S.-China diplomacy, 1954-1973

Jiang Changbin, Ross Robert S.

Harvard University Press

Publication year

Place of publication
Cambridge, London

  • Preface
    Jiang Changbin pp.ix-xi
  • Introduction
    Ross Robert S. pp.1-23
  • The two Chinas in the global settings: Sino-Soviet and Sino-American cooperation in the 1950s
    Kirby William C. pp.25-45
  • The changing international scene and Chinese policy toward the United States, 1954-1970
    Zhang Baijia pp.46-76
  • Over the volcano: the United States and the Taiwan strait crisis, 1954-1955
    Pruessen Ronald W. pp.77-105
  • "A thorn in the side of peace": the Eisenhower administration and the 1958 offshore islands crisis
    Accinelli Robert pp.106-140
  • Tension across the Taiwan strait in the 1950s: Chinese strategy and tactis
    Gong Li pp.141-172
  • Steering wheel, shock absorber, and diplomatic probe in confrontation: Sino-American ambassadorial talks seen from the Chinese perspective
  • Dialogue of the deaf?: the Sino-American ambassadorial-level talks, 1955-1970
    Goldstein Steven M. pp.200-237
  • The Johnson administration, China, and the Vietnam war
  • Redefinitions: the domestic context of America's China policy in the 1960s
    Foot Rosemary pp.262-287
  • Changes in China's domestic situation in the 1960s and Sino-U.S. relations
    Li Jie pp.288-320
  • Chinese decision making and the thawing of U.S.-China relations
    Gong Li pp.321-360
  • Détente amd the strategic triangle: or, "drinking your Mao Tai and having your vodka, too"
    Schaller Michael pp.361-389

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