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Tibet and her neighbours: a history

McKay Alex

Hansjörg Mayer

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  • Introduction
    McKay Alex pp.9-18
  • On the Tibetan expansion from seventh to mid eighth century and the administration (khö) of the countries subdued
    Uebach Helga pp.21-27
  • The Kyichu region in the period of the Tibetam empire: a historico-geographical note
    Hazod Guntram pp.29-40
  • Military administration and military duties in Tibetan-ruled central Asia (8th-9th century)
  • King Lang darma and his rule
    Karmay Samten pp.57-68
  • On some disciples of Rinchen Zangpo and Lochung Legpai Sherab, and their successors, who brought teachings popular in Ngari Korsum to central Tibet
    Vitali Roberto pp.71-80
  • 17th and 18th century in Tibet: a general survey
    Chayet Anne pp.83-89
  • Historical and religious relations between Lhodrak (southern Tibet) and Bumthang (Bhutan) from the 18th to the early 20th century: preliminary data
    Pommaret Francoise pp.91-104
  • The "Beijing Lamaist centre" and Tibet in the XVII - early XX century
    Uspensky Vladimir pp.107-115
  • The formation of the Tibetan official style of administrative correspondence (17th -19th century)
    Schneider Hanna pp.117-125
  • Wealth distribution rituals in the political economy of traditional Tibet and Bhutan
    Ardussi John A. pp.127-135
  • A critical assessment of the Nepali-Tibet treaty of 1856
  • Political, economic and religious relations between Mongolia and Tibet
    Chuluunbaatar L. pp.149-155
  • The conceptual framework of the dGa'-ldan's war based on the beye dailame wargi amargi babe neci hiyeme toktobuha bodogon i bithe - "Buddhist government" in the Tibet-Mongol and Manchu relationship
    Yumiko Ishihama pp.157-165
  • The Tsar's generals and Tibet: apropos of some "white spots" in the history of Russo-Tibetan relations
    Andreyev Alexandre pp.167-174
  • From conflict to conciliation: Tibetan policy revisited
    Mehra Parshotam pp.177-185
  • The Ernst-Schaefer-Tibet-Expedition (1938-1939): new light on the political history of Tibet in the first half of the 20th century
    Engelhardt Isrun pp.187-195
  • A brief history of Tibetan relations with the United States
    Grunfeld A. Tom pp.197-205
  • The transformation of Tibetan national identity
    Smith Warren pp.207-214
  • On modern Tibetan history: moving beyond stereotypes
    Goldstein Melvyn C. pp.217-226
  • Chen Kuiyuan and the marketisation of policy
    Barnett Robert pp.229-239

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