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China into the Hu-Wen Era: policy initiatives and challenges

Wong John, Lai Hongyi

World Scientific Publishing

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  • The Hu-Wen New deal
  • Hu Jintao's consolidation of power and his command of the gun
    You Ji pp.33-60
  • Deciphering Hu's leadership and defining new elite politics
    Li Cheng pp.61-90
  • Hu Jintao's approach to governance
    Fewsmith Joseph pp.91-117
  • Re-making the party's image: challenges for the propagande department
  • Reforming the party and the state under Hu Jintao
    Hsu Szu-chien pp.153-189
  • Rule of law and governance
    Zou Keyuan pp.191-216
  • New patterns of economic growth
    Wu Yanrui pp.219-242
  • Changes and reform in financial markets
    Davies Howard pp.243-258
  • Strengthening corporate governance: completing the unfinished business of SOE reform
    Tong Sarah Y. pp.256-275
  • The effects and implications of foreign direct investment in China for other developing economies: hollowing out or filling in?
  • Changing land policies: ideology and realities
    Wong John, Liang Ruobing pp.301-319
  • Income inequality, limited social mobility and remedial policies
    Lai Hongyi pp.323-350
  • Labor market reforms under Hu-Wen administration
    Zhao Litao pp.351-377
  • Managing social unrest
    Cai Yongshun pp.379-403
  • From social insurance to social assistance: welfare policy change
    Gu Edward pp.405-436
  • Governments, markets, and the health care sector
    Blomqvist Ake pp.437-465
  • Population development strategies: the new thinking
    Peng Xizhe pp.467-481
  • Bush's Asia policy and US-China relations
    Zhao Quansheng pp.485-517
  • China and northeast Asian cooperation: building an unbuildable?
    Chung Jae Ho pp.519-539
  • China and southeast Asia cooperation: new developments and challenges
    Zhang Haibing pp.541-556

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