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Market and socialism: in the light of the experiences of China and Vietnam

Kornai Janos, Qian Yingyi


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New York

  • Introduction
  • Socialism and the market: conceptual clarification
    Kornai Janos pp.11-24
  • Market socialism' and Chinese economic reform
    Wu Jinglian pp.25-46
  • China's encounter with market socialism: approaching managed capitalism by indirect means
    Putterman Louis pp.47-65
  • Is state wnership consistent with a market economy ?
    Zhang Weiying pp.66-87
  • Market socialisn or capitalism? Evidence from Chinese financial market development
    Du Julan, Xu Chenggang pp.88-109
  • China's path-dependent transition: culture mediating between market and socialism
  • Market economy, hierarchy and single-party rule
    Naughton Barry pp.135-161
  • Market economy with socialist orientation: the evolution in Vietnam
    Doanh Le Dang pp.162-181
  • Economic reforms i Vietnam: what lessons can be learnt?
    Thahn Vo Tri pp.182-198
  • Vietnam's road to international economic integration with socialist operation: are WTO accession and market socialism compatible?
    Parker Stephen pp.199-223
  • Market socialism in China and Vietnam: why has it worked, so far?

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