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China, the United States and 21st-century sea power: defining maritime security partnership

Erickson Andrew S., Goldstein Lyle J., Li Nan

Naval Institute Press

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Annapolis, Maryland

  • Introduction: in the same boat together
  • China's maritime development and U.S.-China cooperation
  • China's dependence on the global maritime commons
  • Challenges in the development of military-to-military
  • The container security initiative and U.S.-China relations
    Erickson Andrew S. pp.59-100
  • China's power ascendancy and the global terrorism burden: opportunities for U.S.-China cooperation
    Smith Paul J. pp.101-125
  • Improving Chinese maritime enforcement capabilities: challenges and opportunities
    Goldstein Lyle J. pp.126-154
  • U.S.-China civil maritime operational engagement
    Moreland Bernard pp.155-171
  • China and the law of the sea: a Sino-U.S. maritime cooperation perspective
    Xue Guifang Julia pp.175-196
  • Charting the course: Sino-American naval cooperation to enhance governance and security
    Dutton Peter A. pp.197-235
  • Maritime aspects of China's humanitarian operations policy
    Su Hao pp.236-251
  • Humanitarian operations: a window on U.S.-China maritime cooperation
    McVadon Eric A. pp.252-305
  • Submarine rescue and the potential for U.S.-China naval cooperation
  • Prospects for Sino-U.S. naval cooperation against avian influenza
    Erickson Andrew S. pp.326-350
  • U.S.-China maritime cooperation: regional implications and prospects
    Green Michael J. pp.355-364
  • Opportunities and challenges for China-U.S.: cooperation in the South China sea
    Wu Shicun pp.365-376
  • Enhancing Sino-U.S. maritime security cooperation in Southeast Asia
    Zhu Huayou pp.377-384
  • China and the United States in the Indian Ocean: an emerging strategic triangle?
  • Similarities and differences in American and Chinese naval education: implications for cooperation
    Li Nan pp.413-428
  • Chinese views of America's new maritime strategy
    Erickson Andrew S. pp.429-470
  • The American factor in China's maritime strategy
    Yu Wanli pp.471-487
  • A PLA navy perspective on maritime security cooperation
    Yang Yi pp.488-497

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