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The People's Republic of China at 60: an international assessment

Kirby William C.

Harvard University Press

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  • Introduction: myths and lessons of contemporary Chinese history
  • Keynote address: the People's Republic of China at sixty
  • The foundations of communist rule in China: the coercive dimension
    Shambaugh David pp.19-24
  • Mao Zedong and the origins of the anti-rightist rectification campaign
    Shen Zhihua pp.25-40
  • Ideal, effort, and alienation of socialism in China: an exploration from a materialistic view of history
    Yang Kuisong pp.41-90
  • China's three rises, regional power transitions, and East Asian Security: 1949 to the twenty-first century
    Ross Robert S. pp.91-107
  • The People's Republic of China at sixty: is it rising?
  • Why China gets a "rise" out of us: ruminations on PRC foreign relations
    Wachman Alan M. pp.118-129
  • "Sixty is the new forty" (or is it?): reflections on the health of the Chinese body politic
    Perry Elizabeth J. pp.133-144
  • Popular protest and party rule: China's evolving polity
    Walder Andrew G. pp.145-152
  • Agriculture, imports, and diplomacy: three case studies on the interaction between Chinese party rule and popular will
    Niu Dayong pp.153-162
  • Urban residential district making in China
    Rowe Peter G. pp.163-172
  • "Turning rubbish into something useful": crime and punishment in Mao's China
    Mühlhahn Klaus pp.173-191
  • A fine balance: Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in historical perspective
    Köll Elisabeth pp.195-211
  • Turning around state-owned enterprises under China's political business model
    Oi Jean pp.212-219
  • Health, subjectivity, and moral change in China
    Kleinman Arthur pp.220-233
  • Health care reforms in China: slogan or solution?
  • Rushing toward socialism: the transformation and death of private business enterprises in Shanghai, 1949-1956
    Feng Xiaocai pp.240-258
  • Short-term stimuli and prospects for long-term growth in China
    Perkins Dwight H. pp.259-272
  • Myth of the social vulcano: popular responses to rising inequality in China
    Whyte Martin King pp.273-290
  • The making of a hero: Lei Feng and some issues of historiography
    Tian Xiaofei pp.293-305
  • Rediscovery of the frontier in recent Chinese history
    Liu Xiaoyuan pp.306-327
  • The role of China's public intellectuals in the People's Republic of China
    Goldman Merle pp.328-338
  • The end of intellectuals: sixty years of service, subversion, and selling in China
    Cheek Timothy pp.339-356
  • The politics of national celebrations in China
    Hung Chang-Tai pp.357-372
  • Ming fever: the past in the present in the People's Republic of China at sixty
    Szonyi Michael pp.375-387
  • The tenacity of culture: old stories in the new China
    Cohen Paul A. pp.388-400
  • National minds and imperial frontiers: inner Asia and China in the new century
    Elliott Mark C. pp.401-411
  • Concluding comments

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