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China and the global politics of regionalization

Kavalski Emilian


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  • "Do as I do": the global politics of China's regionalization
  • Regionalization in the Tianxia? Continuity and change in China's foreign policy
    Zhang Feng pp.19-32
  • A concealed regionalization without historical roots: a new form of regionalism in rising China's foreing policy
    Ding Sheng pp.33-46
  • China's regionalization policies: illiberal internationalism or neo-Mencian benevolence?
  • Identity, nationalism, and China's policy towards regionalization
    Yuan Jing-Dong pp.63-78
  • From adapting to shaping: contextualizing the practice of regionalization in China's foreign policy
    Zhang Enyu pp.79-90
  • The reluctance of hegemons: comparing the regionalization strategies of a crouching cowboy and a hidden dragon
    Anderson Greg pp.91-108
  • "From Brussels to Beijing": comparing regionalization strategies of the EU and China
    Scott David pp.109-121
  • China and the political economy of regionalization in East Asia
    Zhang Yongjin pp.123-138
  • China's region-building strategy in Southeast Asia
    Pettman Ralph pp.139-152
  • Spreading the "Shanghai spirit": a Chinese model of regionalization in post-Soviet Central Asia
    Aris Stephen pp.153-164
  • Recostructing the silk road in new era: China's expanding regional influence in Middle East
  • Making a region out of a continent? China's regionalization of Africa
    Kavalski Emilian pp.177-190
  • China and Latin America: an evolving military dynamic
    Bunck Julie M. pp.191-204
  • China and South Pacific regionalism: the rising power as a cautious newcomer
    Yang Jian pp.205-220

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