Edited book

Chinese families in the post-Mao era

Davis Deborah, Harrell Steven

University of California Press

Publication year

Place of publication
Berkeley, Los Angeles, London

  • Introduction: the impact of post-Mao reforms on family life
  • Urban families in the Eighties: an analysis of Chinese survey
    Unger Jonathan pp.25-49
  • Urban households: supplicants to a socialist state
    Davis Deborah pp.50-76
  • Geography, demography, and family composition in three Southwestern villages
    Harrell Steven pp.77-102
  • Family strategies and economic transformation in rural China: some evidence from the Pearl River Delta
    Johnson Graham E. pp.103-136
  • Family strategies and structures in rural north China
    Selden Mark pp.139-164
  • Reconstituing dowry and brideprice in south China
    Siu Helen F. pp.165-188
  • Wedding behavior and family strategies in Chengdu
    Whyte Martin King pp.189-216
  • The peasantization of the one-child policy in Shaanxi
    Greenhalgh Susan pp.219-250
  • Cultural support for birth limitation among urban capital-owning women
    Gates Hill pp.251-274
  • Strategies used by Chinese families coping with Schizophrenia
    Phillips Michael R. pp.277-306
  • Settling accounts: the integrational contract in an age of reform
    Ikels Charlotte pp.307-333

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