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Soft power: China's emerging strategy in international politics

Li Mingjiang

Lexington Books

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  • Soft power in Chinese discourse: popularity and prospect
    Li Mingjiang pp.21-43
  • The discourse of China's soft power and its discontents
    Zhang Yongjin pp.45-59
  • The new hard realities: "soft power" and China in transition
    Deng Yong pp.53-81
  • The practice of the mean: China's soft power cultivation
    Chen Jianfeng pp.83-101
  • Education: the intellectual base of China's soft power
    Cheng Xiaohe pp.103-123
  • China's soft power dilemma: the Beijing consensus revisited
    Pang Zhongying pp.125-141
  • China's cultural exports and its growing cultural power in the world
  • China's soft power in Africa
    Kurlantzick Joshua pp.165-183
  • China's warming relations with South Korea and Australia
    Zhu Zhiqun pp.185-205
  • China's soft power and neoliberal agenda in Southeast Asia
    Wibowo Ignatius pp.207-223
  • China's climate diplomacy and its soft power
    Chen Gang pp.225-243
  • The prospect of China's soft power: how sustainable?
    Zhao Suisheng pp.247-265

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