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China's reforms and international political economy

Chen Zhimin, Zweig David


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  • Beyond the disciplinary heartlands: studying China's international political economy
    Breslin Shaun pp.21-41
  • Soft balancing and reciprocal engagement: international structures and China's foreign policy choices
    Chen Zhimin pp.42-61
  • China in the world and the world in China: the domestic impact of international institutions on China's politics, 1978-2000
    Su Changhe pp.62-76
  • China, Southeast Asia and East Asian economic regionalism
    Stubbs Richard pp.77-93
  • How reform drove China's integration into the international community
    Fan Yongming pp.97-111
  • Trade policy and regulatory politics: China's WTO implementation in comparative perspective
    Pearson Margaret M. pp.112-130
  • Hinges and latches on the open door: the normative parameters of China's WTO accession
    Paltiel Jeremy T. pp.131-151
  • Between "outside-in" and "inside-out": the internationalization of the Chinese state
    Chin Gregory T. pp.155-170
  • Dancing with wolves: opening the pharmaceutical sector in China
  • How China responds to trade sanctions: decoding the Sino-South Korean "garlic war"
    Chung Jae Ho pp.186-203
  • Globalization and transnational human capital: overseas and returnee scholars to China

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