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China's reform in global perspective

Bo Zhiyue, Wong John

World Scientific Publishing

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  • Introduction: China's reform and opening in a globalized world
  • China and democracy: not a contradiction in terms
    Zheng Yongnian pp.13-53
  • China's three-decade reform: an economic perspective
    Wong John pp.55-75
  • Social reforms in the cities: modernity, time war, and marketing among disparate urban social strata
  • The role of Japan in China's three-decade economic reform
    Xing Yuping pp.117-137
  • Korea's development experiences and China's economic reform
    Cheong Young-Rok pp.139-170
  • Singapore's economic involvement in China's reform
    Fook Lye Liang pp.171-207
  • From outward processing to the closer partnership economic arrangement: the evolving economic relations between Hong Kong and Guangdong
    Seng Lim Tin pp.209-231
  • Local economic transition in China: a perspective on Taiwan investment
  • China's reforms compared to those of Mikhail Gorbachev
    Bernstein Thomas P. pp.263-297
  • China-US economic relations: cooperative competition
    Wang Yong pp.299-319
  • China and the heterogeneous European welfare state
    Greatrex Roger pp.321-348
  • China's unfinished business in economic reform
    Wu Yanrui, Bo Zhiyue pp.351-364
  • Political reform in China: what's next?
    Bo Zhiyue pp.365-399

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