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The triadic chord: Confucian ethics, industrial East Asia and Max Weber

Tu Wei-Ming

The Institute of East Asian Philosophies

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  • World adjustment: Max Weber on Confucianism and Taoism
  • The Weberian thesis and interpretive positions on modernisation
    Ling Trevor O. pp.57-85
  • Recent Weberian-revisionist debates on Confucianism
    Seoh R. M. pp.86-106
  • Max Weber and the analysis of East Asian industrialisation
    Kao Cheng-Shu pp.107-126
  • Neo-Confucianism in modern East Asia
  • The Japanese challenge
    Vogel Ezra pp.165-183
  • Confucianism in contemporary Korea
    Koh Byong-Ik pp.184-202
  • The transformation of Confucianism in the post-Confucian era: the emergence of rationalism in Hong Kong
    King Ambrose Y. C. pp.203-228
  • Dao and the transformative power of Confucianism: a theory of East Asian modernisation
    Hwang Kwang-Kuo pp.229-278
  • Implications for mainland China
  • Roundtable discussion on Singapore
    Wu Yuan-Li pp.302-322
  • Intellectual crisis of contemporary China in historical perspective
    Chang Hao pp.325-356
  • On the modernisation of Confucianism as a philosophy/moral religion
  • A critical review of contemporary neo-Confucian thought with a view to modernisation
    Liu Shu-Hsien pp.377-396
  • The Confucian concept and attributes of man and the modernisation of industrial Asia
    Wu Teh Yao pp.397-413
  • Conclusion remarks
    Shils Edward pp.414-426

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