Edited book

Chinese society: change, conflict and resistance

Perry Elizabeth J. , Selden Mark


Publication year

Place of publication
London, New York

  • Introduction: reform and resistance in contemporary China
  • Rights and resistance: the changing contexts of the dissident movement
    Pei Minxin pp.20-40
  • Pathways of labor insurgency
    Lee Ching Kwan pp.41-61
  • Gender, employment and women's resistance
    Wang Zheng pp.62-82
  • Migration, hokou and resistance in reform China
    Mallee Hein pp.83-101
  • Domination, resistance and accommodation in China's one-child campaign
    White Tyrene pp.102-119
  • The 'externalities of development': can new political institutions mange rural conflict?
    Zweig David pp.120-142
  • Environmental protests in rural China
    Jing Jun pp.143-160
  • Religion as resistance
    Feuchtwang Stephan pp.161-177
  • Ethnic resistance with socialist characteristics
    Bulag Uradyn E. pp.178-197
  • The revolution of resistance
  • Suicide as resistance in Chinese society

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