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The new rich in China: future rulers, present lives

Goodman David S. G.


Publication year

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Oxon, New York

  • The new rich in China: the dimension of social change
  • Why China has no new middle class: cadres, managers and entrepreneurs
  • Class, stratum and group: the politics of description and prescription
    Guo Yingjie pp.38-52
  • Market transition, wealth and status claims
    Zang Xiaowei pp.53-70
  • Richer than before: the cultivation of middle class taste: education choices in urban China
  • Corporate CEOs as cultural promoters
    Hawes Colin pp.85-98
  • From coal black to hospital white: new welfare entrepreneurs and the pursuit of cleaner status
    Carrillo Beatriz pp.99-111
  • Entrepreneurial women: personal wealth, local politics and tradition
    Chen Minglu pp.112-125
  • The professional middle classes: management and politics
    Cucco Ivan pp.126-147
  • Professors, doctors, and lawyers: the variable wealth of the professional classes
    Yang Jingqing pp.148-167
  • The forest city: homeownership and new wealth in Shenyang
    Tomba Luigi, Tang Beibei pp.171-186
  • The Shanghai-Hong Kong connection: fine jewelry consumption and the demand for diamonds
    Cartier Carolyn pp.187-200
  • Issues-based politics: feminism with Chinese characteristics or the return of bourgeois feminism?
    Edwards Louise pp.201-212
  • Men, women and the maid: at home with the new rich
    Sun Wanning pp.213-228
  • Advanced producers or moral polluters? China's bureaucrat-entrepreneurs and sexual corruption
    Jeffreys Elaine pp.229-244

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