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Cambodian Perspective on China

gen 8, 2019 Asia Prospect Chheang Vannarith T.notes

In Phnom Penh, China is regarded as the core economic and strategic partner as Cambodia seeks to diversify its sources of economic growth, modernize, connect its infrastructure, and integrate its economy with the region and the world at large.

Conceptualising Asian regionalism

dic 11, 2018 Asia Prospect Shaun Breslin T.notes

Before you can even start to put in place new and effective regional governance mechanisms, you have to first find agreement on a rather fundamental question: what exactly is the region that needs to be governed?

La Thailandia al centro

dic 6, 2018 Asia Prospect RISE

La Thailandia torna al centro. O meglio, considerata la sua posizione geografica, collocata tra Myanmar, Cina, Cambogia, Laos e Malaysia, al centro del Sud-est asiatico la Thailandia è sempre stata. Ma, in seguito al colpo di stato militare del 2014, il Paese aveva subito un certo isolamento da parte dell’Occidente.

Il Reportage – 14 agosto 2018

set 12, 2018 Asia Prospect In the media Gabriele Giovannini

Gabriele Giovannini (T.wai & Università di Torino) intervistato da Angela Gennaro, nel suo articolo “Vita a rischio del Mekong da cui dipendono le sorti di 60 milioni di persone”, su Il Reportage.

Vietnam’s active diplomacy to engage with China’s increasing regional presence

set 10, 2018 Asia Prospect Pham Sy Thanh T.notes

China’s increased ‘soft power’ in terms of economic and cultural relations in Southeast Asia clearly presents a great opportunity for Vietnam while posing new challenges in terms of security, politics and diplomacy.

Ordine e mutamento nel Sud-est asiatico

lug 26, 2018 Asia Prospect RISE

La riconfigurazione in atto dell’ordine mondiale non risparmia il Sud-est asiatico. In questo numero di RISE TJ Pempel, uno dei più noti studiosi statunitensi...   Read More

It’s Complicated: Singapore–China Relations, an Overview

lug 16, 2018 Asia Prospect Ja Ian Chong T.notes

To the extent that Beijing accepts an open and inclusive Southeast Asia as well as established and binding rules, the Singapore–PRC relationship is likely to continue smoothly.

Reshaping the Regional Trade Order without the United States

giu 15, 2018 Asia Prospect T. J. Pempel T.notes

The decision to withdraw the US from TPP is therefore but one trade specific component of the broader self-isolation of the US from the Asia-Pacific more generally.

New Zealand’s Multilateralism Does not Exclude China

mag 4, 2018 Asia Prospect Nicholas Borroz T.notes

With BRI, New Zealand will examine options to use the project not just to deepen ties with China, but also to deepen ties with other countries along the BRI “spoke” where it is located.

The India–China Tango in Southeast Asia

apr 17, 2018 Asia Prospect Smita Sharma T.notes

While objecting strongly to New Delhi joining ASEAN, Beijing keeps a close eye on India’s deepening ties with bloc members and with oil and gas exploration drives in the littoral states of the South China Sea.

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