Le T.note di T.wai sono testi di 2 pagine che affrontano le maggiori tematiche del dibattito internazionale a livello globale e regionale costruendo un ampio coinvolgimento negli alti livelli della politica e di esperti dei maggiori team dei centri di ricerca a livello internazionale.

Cambodian Perspective on China
T.note n. 75 (RISE Series #23)

gen 8, 2019 T.notes Chheang Vannarith Asia Prospect

In Phnom Penh, China is regarded as the core economic and strategic partner as Cambodia seeks to diversify its sources of economic growth, modernize, connect its infrastructure, and integrate its economy with the region and the world at large.

Hovering between peace and war: the elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
T.note 74

dic 20, 2018 T.notes Luca Jourdan Violence & Security

The elections represent a crossroads: they might bring some sort of stability, essential for rebuilding the country, or they might exacerbate the existing conflict dynamics, plunging the country back into civil war.

Conceptualising Asian regionalism
T.note n. 73 (RISE SERIES #22)

dic 11, 2018 T.notes Shaun Breslin Asia Prospect

Before you can even start to put in place new and effective regional governance mechanisms, you have to first find agreement on a rather fundamental question: what exactly is the region that needs to be governed?

What’s in a term? The challenge of finding common terminology for ethnic alliance-building in Myanmar’s peace process
T.note n. 72

dic 7, 2018 T.notes SiuSue Mark, SiuSue Mark Violence & Security

The challenge among ethnic actors to reach an agreement over terminology weakens their efforts to articulate collective identities and desired alternatives.

Education fever in China: the significance of cultural capital for ideas of class and status
T.note n. 71

ott 26, 2018 T.notes Arianna Ponzini Global China

Education is paramount for Chinese middle-class families. However, education is only one aspect of cultural capital, which consists of a wider set of social assets, promotes social mobility in a stratified society, and confers social status and power.

War and the coming of Artificial Intelligence
T.NOTE N. 70

ott 14, 2018 T.notes Christopher Coker Violence & Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming our lives, for good or ill. And in the case of war, killing machines are not just the weapons of the future; they are already here.

Vietnam’s active diplomacy to engage with China’s increasing regional presence
T.note n. 69 (RISE series #21)

set 10, 2018 T.notes Pham Sy Thanh Asia Prospect

China’s increased ‘soft power’ in terms of economic and cultural relations in Southeast Asia clearly presents a great opportunity for Vietnam while posing new challenges in terms of security, politics and diplomacy.

Minsk Agreements: a difficult solution for Ukraine
T.NOTE N. 68

ago 7, 2018 T.notes Giulio Benedetti Violence & Security

While the conflict has stalled, the reality around it has changed. Although diplomatic progress is being made, the road to peace and to the lifting of conflict-related sanctions needs to pass through the implementation of the Minsk Agreements: an outcome that, for the time being, Kiev might find difficult to deliver.

White cat, black cat, red cat
T.Note n. 67 (CMBP Series #9)

ago 1, 2018 T.notes Edoardo Agamennone Global China

Chinese firms – regardless of their size, ownership structure, industry or type – should not consider themselves to be fully autonomous entities with profit maximisation as their main goal.

Beyond the militarist approach: a new challenge for Mali
T.note n. 66

lug 25, 2018 T.notes Francesco Merlo Violence & Security

Current peacebuilding approaches focused on state-building and militarization have led to poor security outputs, neither addressing national tensions nor fighting ethnic narratives of conflict.

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