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The Global Politics Library is the working library of the Torino World Affairs Institute, specializing in the history, politics, economics and society of modern China, India and Indonesia, as well as in the international relations of the Indo-Pacific region, and security studies,  focusing on non-state actors and peacebuilding processes. The Library’s policy of acquisitions focuses primarily on scientific journals to complement the rich collections available in the multiple libraries of the city of Torino, and especially, its University.


Access is granted to current Library Members for the purpose of individual research. Upon request, users are required to provide evidence of identification and membership status.

First time user?

Please be ready to sign on to the Library regulations and formally join the Library as a Member. A photocopy of your ID card and your current email address will be necessary for the Institute’s records. Library membership is free and entitles users to access all materials available in the catalogue, as well as to receive updates on the Institute’s activities and invitations to events relating to the Areas of Research of specific interest. Library Members must be at least 18 years of age.

Loans, Services and Facilities

The Global Politics Library does not currently allow for open-shelf consultation. Users are thus asked to consult the online catalogue in advance of their visit so as to ask the Library assistant for the desired item(s) in detailed fashion. Alternatively, they can take advantage of the free wifi made available to individual researchers in T.wai’s study area and check the catalogue on their laptop or other mobile devices.

Library Members are welcome to take advantage of the T.wai study area, which is open during normal Library opening hours. Absolute silence is to be observed at all times.

Up to three books at a time may be taken on loan by Library Members, each of which for a maximum of one week. Loans may not be extended under any circumstances. Users failing to return books taken on loan by the set deadline will be barred from borrowing for three months; repeated breaches of this policy may cause Library Members to lose their status permanently.

Users are welcome to consult any journal to which the Institute subscribes; this may be done in the study area. Journals may not be taken on loan.

T.wai is pleased to offer a photocopying facility in cooperation with the Centro Einaudi research centre, located in the same premises as T.wai. Limited to non-for-loan materials only, Library users may make photocopies in accordance with current Italian laws and regulations on copyright protection.

Opening Hours

The Global Politics Library is currently closed due to the relocation of our head offices.


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